Application for home accounting.

“HomeFinance” app allows you to keep track of personal income and expenses in a simple way with minimum time spent.

Table on the right side of the screen contains the list of commonly used goods and services combined into categories. Define categories and their contents according to the most frequently used ones.

Later, you can view the summarized data on these categories in  «Analysis» system.

The left table in the main screen is used to store records of goods, services, income by days.

Record is made by a left swipe action in the right table. Previously you can specify the value of product in that line, or do it after moving on the left side. At the same time, the current balance of the day and the overall balance are updated.

The entry is made on the date marked by check mark. Check mark is set by double touch.

You can use categories or their subcategories. Later, you can edit the value or name of product in the Calendar section.

Touching the dates and categories in the tables of the main screen opens their contents. Pinch gestures allows you to fully open and close the contents of these tables.

A line deletion in the Shopping Calendar  is performed in the standard way.

To add certain date in past  use the button “Add Date”. The current date is added automatically.


“Analysis” form allows you to view the  analysis table  and graph by categories and subcategories with accumulation for selected period.

Touching a category opens its content.


in the main screen allows to choose and view data for past years.


allows to change between  «Expenses» and «Incomes» sections.

А record from the «Incomеs» section increases balance.

The app supports the management of multiple accounts.

Category in the Income section is account. When you create more than one category there are segments to select account. And the records about purchases will be attached to the selected account.


allows to edit the tables «Expenses» and «Incomes».

You can add and remove categories, subcategories, change names and link images to a line .

If a category or subcategory created in the right table has already been used to account for purchases in the Shopping Calendar, it becomes impossible to remove such category in the “Editor”. This does not apply to subcategories.

Button    btnAddCategory   to add a category.

Button    btnAddSubcategory  to add a subcategory.

To add a category or a subcategory  to the right place in the table, place the cursor on the desired line.

Tap the image to open the icon selection form.


In the Setting form there are buttons for transferring amounts between accounts and re-checking balance.



During the recheck, the amounts for the day and the balance of accounts are analyzed. It will be corrected if necessary.


Privacy Policy.

A privacy policy is a statement or a legal document (in privacy law) that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client’s data. It fulfills a legal requirement to protect a customer or client’s privacy.

With the removal of the application from the device, all related information is deleted along with the application.

Information relating to personal data of the user is not collected or stored anywhere else and is not passed on to third parties.

Information collected by the user in the application is in the responsibility of the user.